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The Full Story

Origins of something extraordinary

The PINIKL concept was effectively born over 40 years ago. But the philosophy that we are each unique is as old as humanity itself. 

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Once, a young boy grew up in rural Ireland, surrounded by fields, cattle and madness. Escape options for the young boy at that time were limited. There were two channels of RTE television to try to lose himself in. Weekly trips to the library for books on hypnosis and magic. Mass, sigh. Annual trips to the movie theatre in Cavan. (Entry never guaranteed, due to the lack of a booking system.) Out of sheer desperation, there were attempts to join a football team.

Free Range Cow

Long term escape options did exist

1. Emigration. Guinness ads taunted him with a vision of Irish emigrants in hot, sandy Iran, hallucinating about stout. Iran! The very luxury.

2. Education. Jobs were scarce, so extending his time taking exams was a legitimate prolongation strategy.

3. A massive stroke of luck. Always a viable Plan B. He knew of several lucky chaps who had fallen off tractors and sued. Or their families did.

Inside, however...

The young boy knew he could control his future better. There must, he figured, be something he was the best in the world at. Something that made him extraordinary.


Once he identified that thing, the world would surely come to collect him in a helicopter, set him up in a hotel in Dublin and lavish him with opportunity.


From there, he could dwell on his wonderful new situation and consider further helicopter trips to New York, Tokyo and Boulder, Colorado.

Skyline New York

Perhaps, he thought munificently, even the people who bored him back home could benefit

Perhaps, he would gift them with “things to do” such as theme parks, discos and coffee shops. He would create jobs. Factories making magic sets and hypnosis accoutrements. How he would bathe in their gratitude.

The young boy could not in all honesty say he was transfixed solely by this theory. Other theories abounded. But when he was learning to tie his shoelaces one day, he did think “I bet no one has ever really focused on tying their shoelaces really fast. If I get really fast at tying my shoelaces, I bet I’ll be one of the best in the world at tying shoelaces!”

Tying Shoelaces

And he did. He practised and he got really fast. He became like a shoelace-tying lightning bolt.

Admittedly, there wasn’t much call for demonstrating this skill at parties or job interviews

But for years he carried with him the certain knowledge that there in the heart of rural Ireland, there secretly lived the Global World Champion of Shoelace Tying. Possibly the Champion of the Shoelace Tying Universe.


When he believed that, he walked like a king.


And almost 50 years later, he still thinks he’s probably top 100.

Gaming Tournament Winner

We are all, every one of us, unique individuals

We each have our own combination of qualities, experiences and talents that makes us extraordinary in the whole world. Wouldn’t it be great to know what they are? And if you did know, what would you do with them?


Not everyone can be the world’s greatest tennis player, or the world’s fastest sprinter or even the world’s best shoelace tyer. But someone is. By definition there is something that you, because you are the extraordinary person you are, are simply the best at.


The PINIKL project is designed to help you find that thing and help you nurture it and grow it, to be recognised for it and even be rewarded for it. 


We think it can be expressed in one simple sentence. Maybe that one simple sentence will help you make better choices in life, maybe you’ll just use it to introduce yourself in an interesting way, maybe you’ll use it to find a job or a partner.


And maybe, once you know your PINIKL, you too will walk like a king/queen/top unelected official.


This site is a demonstration of some aspects of the forthcoming PINIKL platform, provided mainly for entertainment and education.


We’d love you to register for the BETA which will contain some unbelievable features. You’ll be able to embark on AI-powered missions and contracts that only you can win.


We plan to get better and better, because the ability to help you find your PINIKL is what makes us extraordinary.

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