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Meta's killer metaverse app is here already. And it's got legs. They just haven't noticed yet.


Michael Cotter

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I don’t know if I need the Metaverse or if I even want it. I don’t know if I want to walk around my house interacting awkwardly with a virtual world filled with legless avatars. 

But I do know I want to sit down. I’m absolutely sure that 99% of the time I want to work and surf and game sitting down in a seated, or at least static, position.

What I also want is more monitors. My existing work desk is 80 cm wide. There’s room for a laptop with one 24 inch screen fixed behind. I would love more monitor screen space but there’s simply no room on the desk.

What I need, and what Meta needs to focus on, are virtual monitors. Isn’t that extraordinarily obvious?

It’s already happening. Check out Immersed being used to spawn virtual monitors with an Oculus headset.

Thing is, for this, I do not need an Oculus headset as currently specced. 

All I need is a set of light, simple VR glasses that are light and simple because they're wire-connected to my laptop and all they do is project virtual screens into the space ahead. (I already have wire-connected headphones. Being wire-connected when I’m not physically going anywhere is absolutely fine. I also already wear glasses).

I’ve got a mouse and keyboard for control. They work great.

So Meta, let the laptop do the power supply and the heavy lift processing and make the glasses simply give me stable, high def virtual screens I can work with while sitting down at my 80 cm wide desk using my keyboard and mouse.

Focus on the quality of that experience and I’m in, big time, along with millions and millions of others. We don’t even need speakers in the glasses!

Virtual monitors are going to take a huge chunk out of the computer monitor pie. Research and Markets says the global market is expected to reach $221.74 billion in 2025.

When virtual monitors show up, and the wired glasses are right and light, a lot of screen makers like Dell, HP, Lenovo, Samsung Group, LG and even Apple are going to get hurt if they don't pay attention. 

Ouch. But like I say, it’s staring them straight in the face.

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